Definition of FinCen Identifier

The text below is from 31 U.S.C. Section 5336(b)(3) of the Corporate Transparency Act.



(i) IN GENERAL.—Upon request by an individual who has provided FinCEN with the information described in paragraph (2)(A) pertaining to the individual, or by an entity that has reported its beneficial ownership information to FinCEN in accordance with this section, FinCEN shall issue a FinCEN identifier to such individual or entity.

(ii) UPDATING OF INFORMATION.—An individual or entity with a FinCEN identifier shall submit filings with FinCEN pursuant to paragraph (1) updating any information described in paragraph (2) in a timely manner consistent with paragraph (1)(D).

(iii) EXCLUSIVE IDENTIFIER.—FinCEN shall not issue more than 1 FinCEN identifier to the same individual or to the same entity (including any successor entity).

(B) USE OF FINCEN IDENTIFIER FOR INDIVIDUALS.—Any person required to report the information described in paragraph (2) with respect to an individual may instead report the FinCEN identifier of the individual.

(C) USE OF FINCEN IDENTIFIER FOR ENTITIES.—If an individual is or may be a beneficial owner of a reporting company by an interest held by the individual in an entity that, directly or indirectly, holds an interest in the reporting company, the reporting company may report the FinCEN identifier of the entity in lieu of providing the information required by paragraph (2)(A) with respect to the individual.